Texas Holdem Tournament Tips – Changing Gears

You may have heard the term changing gears in a no limit Texas hold em poker game, and wondered what exactly is the meaning behind that phrase. This article will discuss the concept of changing gears, and why it is a good poker strategy to do so.

One of the best poker strategies is to keep your opponents guessing and keep them off-guard, if you are predictable in all your plays in a no limit Texas hold em poker game, you may find it difficult to win larger pots or get action. In the same respect, if all your opponents can easily figure out your plays, you risk losing the opportunity to build a decent bankroll.

The concept of changing gears in a no limit Texas holdem poker game is simple to implement and should be a part of your continued poker strategy as you advance in the game. The following are several gears (or styles of play) that you need to use as part of your poker strategy.


A loose style of play is when you involve yourself in a lot of pots, chasing draws and calling bets without making any counteraction. Usually, better players quickly identify a loose player as a fish, and in many instances will not fold so easily to the loose player.

This is advantageous, because when you do have a very strong hand, it will encourage action from your opponents, as they believe you likely are chasing or have a marginal hand. Show your loose style in a no limit Texas hold em poker game to create action for you later in the game.


An aggressive player in a no limit Texas hold em Domino QQ tends to raise often preflop, straddle in cash games, and put pressure on their opponents by betting out in position. Another aggressive characteristic is to always use the continuation bet, (raise preflop and then bet on the flop even if you miss).
The aggressive style will let your opponents know that you are not afraid to put money into the pot and that you are in control. Oftentimes, players will fold marginal hands preflop when an aggressive player is at the table because they may have to face a raise, if they limp in.

Use aggression sparingly in your game and switch it up with other styles. If you are labeled as an aggressive player constantly, you become predictable and eventually your opponents will stop folding to you in hopes of busting you in a big hand.


The tight player tends to play top poker hands and avoids confrontations with other players. Tight players typically do not chase, do not play out of position, and do not use continuation bet when they miss the flop. Another characteristic of a tight player in a no limit Texas hold em poker game is that they will usually over-raise preflop with their strong hands.

The advantage to being tight is that you will likely win the majority of pots you are involved in. However, those pots are likely to be small. In a no limit Texas hold em poker tournament, you need to win a few large pots to stay above the blinds and antes. Therefore changing gears from tight to loose or aggressive is always a good idea.

Use the different styles and techniques in no limit Texas hold em poker to refine your game plan against your opponents and build your poker chip stack. Keep them guessing as to how you are playing and what hand you may be holding. If your opponents can not put you on a hand or are not sure if they are ahead of you or not, you have a better chance of winning the pot.